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GULF SAFETY was established in the year 2005 to initially meet the needs of the Industrial services. However, over the years GULF SAFETY  have become the Dealers & Suppliers of Hardware, Building Materials, Welding Equipment’s & Materials, Sanitary Equipment, Plumbing & Electrical Equipment as well as Industrial related products in U.A.E & other G.C.C countries.

GULF SAFETY has also developed to meet the challenges of emerging markets and has expanded and diversified initial core business activities to include a wide spectrum of additional and complimentary. Today, the total GULF SAFETY operation includes core business activities related to major “Trading and Supplying”. we undertake contract supply.

Supplier of Industrial Safety Gloves in UAE

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Our extensive range of task specific safety gloves ensure that your hands are protected from cuts, burns, abrasions and a number of other issues.

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Mechanical Industry


Wearing a safety gloves is essential to avoid any harsh situations such as abrasion, cut, and tear. Mechanics following the safety guidelines can avoid unwanted situations.

Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

People working in Oil and Gas industry are not allowed to roam freely without proper protective equipment due to various hazards in the work environment.



It is important to wear safety gloves while handling concentrated acids to avoid injury from boiling acidic solutions.

Carpenter work gloves


Carpenters are recommended to wear work gloves while handling sharp tools to shield their hands against cuts, lacerations and splinters.

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