Ansell AlphaTec 56-100 Heavy Duty PVC Apron


Ansell AlphaTec 56-100 Heavy Duty PVC Apron

  • These heavy duty PVC aprons feature 18mil die cut PVC and offer users a combination chemical splash protection and flexible comforts.
  • 48 inch ties and sealed grommets provide a durable, consistent and adjustable fit on all sizes and styles.

Reliable Protection

  • Wherever oil, grease and chemicals are present, Ansell aprons help workers keep clean and protected from harmful contact.
  • PVC (Vinyl) aprons traditionally offer excellent protection where splashes from acids and caustic bases are a concern.


  • The PVC construction is flexible yet offers resistance to abrasion and puncture.
  • Sealed grommets with adjustable tiesallow for size adjustment without tear-out.

Comfort and Selection

  • Bib styles in two sizes with adjustable ties ensure optimal fit for a wide range of users.


  • Food Processing
  • Life Sciences


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